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Fees & Pricing

Our fees are simple. We do not change our prices day to day. Nor do we advertise “Discounts” or “This month’s Special”. If you know the Square Footage of the home to be inspected you will find the fee charged below. No hidden cost! (home inspections are not taxable)

Square Footage Your Cost
1,000sq.ft. or less $350.00
1,001sq.ft. to1,500sq.ft. $375.00
1,501sq.ft. to 2,000sq.ft. $425.00
2,001sq.ft. to 2,500sq.ft. $450.00
2,501sq.ft. to 3,000sq.ft $475.00
3,001sq.ft. to 4,000sq.ft. $625.00
Any TWO Family Add  $150.00
Radon Testing Add $150.00
Multiple Dwellings (4+ units) per Unit $200.00
over 4,000sq.ft. Price on Request

Every Inspection Includes:

  • Easy to read PHOTOGRAPHIC REPORT (see sample report)
  • Additional Emailed Reports (upon request N/C)
  • A HARD COPY of your PHOTOGRAPHIC REPORT (upon request N/C)
  • A thorough evaluation of all SYSTEMS and COMPONENTS
  • CO Testing, Combustible Gas Testing
  • Infrared Thermometer Reading at Heat Registers
  • WATER PRESSURE Evaluation
  • RADON TESTING offered (additional fee)


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