Home Inspection Facts

  • A Home Inspection does not Pass or Fail the home inspected  
    • Most homes will have some defect. Whether large or small it is up to the buyer to decide if they are going to purchase the home inspected.
  • Clients should be present during the Home Inspection
    • It is always recommended that our clients be present during the Inspection. They will be able to ask questions, and see if any, issues or concerns that arise.
  • We work for you! We DO NOT work for your lawyer, realtor or banker!
    • Our report is confidential unless YOU request us to share information. We will not share the findings of an Inspection unless we have your written consent.
  • It is difficult to be Objective when buying or Selling a Home
    • The excitement of buying or selling a home may cause one to overlook a deficiency that would otherwise be apparent to a Home Inspector.
  • We do not tell you what you want to Hear but rather what we See
    • Sometimes major deficiencies are found. We will be straight forward and explain what the defect is, the implications of that defect (what will happen if not fixed) and what you will have to do to remedy that deficiency.
  • We will crawl in Crawlspaces and Inspect Attics
    • Unless we see a safety hazard we will enter all Attics and Crawlspaces.


  • Home Inspectors must be licensed in New York State
  • ALL Home Inspectors must follow the ASHI Standards of Practice
  • Home Inspectors must supply a Written Report
  • Home Inspectors must display their UID number on all advertisments
  • Home Inspectors Can Not perform Work on the home inspected
  • Home Inspectors must inspect all systems and components that are accessible
  • Home Inspectors Do Not comment on local building codes
  • Home Inspections and reports are Not a Warranty or Guarantee

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